Law, Neuroscience & Decisionmaking

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Law & the Resolution of International Disputes

Short Essay: Judges, Diplomats and Peacebuilders: Evaluating International Dispute Resolution as a System, ASIL Proceedings of the 108th Annual Meeting, pp. 271-73 (2015).

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 Law & Peace

Book Review: The Puzzle of Peace, Gary Goertz, Paul F. Diehl, and  Alexandru Balas (Oxford, 2016) in the American Journal of International Law, vol. 111 (2017).

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Additional Publications

Report: International Law: 100 Ways It Shapes Our Lives, American Society of International Law, (co-edited with Perry Bechky) (2018).

Short Essay: The Many Pathways of International Law in ASIL Careers in International Law: A Guide to Career Paths and Internships in International Law (2009-2010 Edition).