DB3_7181 Day 04 Seminar V2 (Medium)



As an expert in international law, conflict resolution and the promotion of peace, I provide engaging and insightful keynote lectures specifically suited for university, government, corporate and public audiences.


Topics include:


  • From Crisis to Cooperation: The Resolution of International Disputes
  • Identity, Diversity and Inclusiveness in a Globalized World
  • International Law and the Promotion of Peace
  • The Essentials: Conflict Resolution Skills for Everyone
  • Toward People-Centered Peace in the 21st Century





Learning how to enhance cooperation and engage with conflict effectively across peoples is essential to developing a growth mindset for the 21st century. The central question is this: Do you believe you can improve? In my work as professor and mediator, I have witnessed the amazing human capacity for such growth and I believe it can be enhanced through learning new ideas and behaviors. I combine this passion with my evidence-based research on conflict, cooperation and the brain to develop innovative training programs and workshops on the following topics.


  • Addressing Conflict, Promoting Cooperation: A Workshop for Leaders
  • Bias and the BrainĀ 
  • Deep Dialogue: Effective Communication Across Cultures
  • Managing Challenges in the Classroom
  • The Foundations of Mediation (40-hour Certification Course)
  • Resolving Conflict at Work
  • Understanding Identity in a Globalized World: Yours, Theirs & Ours